Hunter is an inspiring, warm and open-hearted man.
He is the director and visionkeeper of the new Spirit Journeys. As a heart-centered life coach, therapist, and spiritual healer, Hunter helps people of all genders and sexual orientations break free into more powerful, joyful lives through self-love, conscious breathing, and joyfully embodied spiritual practice. He is a certified Somatic Breath Therapist and a pioneer in the use of breathwork in trauma and addiction treatment, and his work integrates two decades as a licensed psychotherapist with twenty-five years of experience in the world's shamanic and mystical traditions, including the Buddhist, Sufi, Eastern Christian, Toltec, and Currandero traditions. Hunter offers individual sessions by phone and in person, retreats, ceremonies, and journeys around the world. To learn more about Hunter and his work, go to www.spiritjourneys.com   


Danny is an energetic, passionate and playful man.
Everything he does, he does with passion! He is skilled at creating a space for depth during workshop experiences, but also likes to get things lightly shaking.
Bringing humor into the group is essential to him! "Do or do not, there is no try" is his motto.
He is founder of GaySpiritFriends and Centrum voor Beweging & Ontspanning. Danny is an enthusiastic teacher of Ashtanga Yoga, Power Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation, Pranayama, Zumba Fitness/Gold and consults on practical character analysis (psycho-physiognomy).
Danny studied culture & identity psychology and brings this experience into his current entrepreneurship.
Next to that, Danny has been practicing all sorts of dance styles since he could stand on his feet. This is what really makes him tick. So he’ll put some music and swinging into the retreat. To learn more about Danny’s work, go to www.bodymindrelax.nl 


Christophe is a wonderful modest guy and a real storyteller.
A little shy at first, but ones he opens up he loves to tell anecdotes and make people laugh with his jokes.
He has a master in Archeology and knows how to put the magic into the region where we are staying. By telling wonderful stories about the origin and history of the region and its long gone culture he knows how to bring juice to the experience.
Talking about juice….., he will prepare wonderful meals for us together with Ben and Klemens and he will also lead the traditional trance dance.

DSC02948-signedOUR TEAM
Sticking our heads together, 
feeling much gratitude after yet another succesful retreat, 
at a beautiful location, 
with wonderful men.



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