International Gay Retreat Belgium 2017
So much more than just a gay holiday!

Beautiful man breathingGaySpiritFriends (The Netherlands) and Spirit Journeys (America) offer a wonderful retreat for gay and bisexual men in the beautiful hills of Charneux, Belgium, reuniting the facilitators from our 5 previous International Gay Retreats, Hunter Flournoy and Danny Arnoldussen. In doing so we also welcome back participants from precious years and all men who want to experience something different and extraordinary in there lives. 

Saturday October the 7th - Friday October the 13th. 

Gay Brotherhood
 The magic of a retreat!
No matter how happy we are in life, a retreat offers us the opportunity to get away from the daily hustle of our lives and to distance ourselves from everything we think we know. It offers the possibility to experience ourselves, others and the world in a new powerful way. We create a space to re-experience the inner child, see our potentials and set new intentions in a powerful way. With new intentions set, it can become a new reality in our daily lives. 

DSC02855-signed bewWhy a 'gay' retreat?

Ás gays we share certain themes that are important in our lives. In some ways they will be different from the themes that straight people deal with in their lives. This will strengthen our common feelings and understanding. It makes us like-minded in some areas of our lives. 
A gay retreat is also a wonderful opportunity to meet like-minded gay and bisexual men and to connect on a deeper and more interesting level than the so common superficial connections we make these days through internet and other social media. We need a social setting to connect. A retreat offers such a safe, social and often magical setting. 

In our retreat, we will create supportive, loving community to understand and reclaim the gifts that each of us bring to this live. 

''Hunter has  many years of experience in leading gay retreats with Spirit Journeys in America.
After my almost indescribable experiences at the retreats offered by Spirit Journeys, I invited Hunter to come to Belgium in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and again in 2017 for our 6th retreat! In these years our friendship and collaboration has grown and developed to a deeper level. 
And of course, again, I can’t hide my enthusiasm! If I tell people about the retreat, I always get the question "what is a retreat? 
I asked Hunter that same question. - Danny -  "what is a retreat Hunter?'' Read more >>

DSC02902 2-signedTHE PROGRAM
The program is unique in Europe because of the number and variety of workshop experiences offered during the week, the wonderful breadth of knowledge offered by Hunter and Danny and the multidimensional approach. The week includes mindfulness, heartfulness, playfulness, meditation, shamanic work, breathwork, body work, a traditional trance dance, yoga, mantra singing, a sweat lodge, dance, psychodrama, mindful touch, mindful movement, a community day and much more. 

IMG 1078-signedHunter weaves perspectives and tools from the mystical traditions of Buddhism, Sufism, Judaism, Christianity and Indigious Shamanism into the program, in a way that even the most ardent atheist can enjoy and benefit.
He will lead very powerful breath exercises, shamanic rituals, psycho-drama, the ancester ceremony, the sweadlodge and many other wonderful exercises.
He's a very gifted story teller and nows how to lead people to the gifts of their shadows, how to purify body and mind, renew their light through opening their hearts and eventually lead them to find their vision and celebrate life.  

trancedans-christophe2-260x224Christophe will offer a trance dance ritual which will be co-facilitated by Danny. Dancing is as old as humankind. People and tribes from all over the world have been dancing for eons for all kinds of reasons. Christophe has many years of experience in leading trance dance rituals. It's a wonderful journey one must not miss! 

DSC02857 2-signedDanny will add mindfulness meditation, yoga, mantra singing, breath exercise, mindful touch and dance to the program, to open the mind, body and heart, to explore mindfully, open up and be present in the moment. 
He will co-facilitate the workshops Hunter offers and he will also provide the necessary lightness and laughter. Together they will create a safe and sacred space for everyone, in beautiful inspiring environment.

In addition to the workshop experiences, there will still be plenty of time to socialize and explore all corners of the attractive property Charneux or the beautiful surroundings. The property has several attractive spaces for you to retreat or socialize. There is also a 6-person sauna where you can relax completely. 

The entire program and more details will be handed out on the first day of the retreat. In September participants will receive a check list of things to bring to the retreat.

There is also time for one-on-one shamanic healing, breathwork and coaching sessions with Hunter. 
The sessions are scheduled during free times at the retreat and are for an additional fee.

The workshops are prevalent in American English. If there are problems with understanding or expressing, then of course we will give you a helping hand.

Tuesday, October 11th will be our Community Day. 

- Saturday October 7th:
- Sunday October 8th:    
- Monday October 9th:    
- Tuesday October 10th:    
- Wednesday October 11th:    
- Thursday October 12th:    
- Friday October 13th:

Check in between 3pm-4pm / introduction / diner / evening program                             
Reclaming the Gifts in our Shadow
Purification (i.a. sweatlodge)
Sacred Relationship (outdoor activity)
Renewing our Light and Finding our Vision
Celebration and Integration
Check out at 10am

The program will consist of morning, afternoon and evening workshops. The workshops are thematically divided into the days. The themes relate to perceiving, letting go, receiving, renewing and integration.

The week will be fully catered with overnights, workshops, community day, breakfast / lunch / dinner, sheets, pilows, and covers for beds. 

Further includes:
- 6-person sauna
- Use of all rooms (with pool table, shuffleboard, table tennis) and the TV room
- Yoga mats and blankets
- Bottled water (for workshops), unlimited coffee and tea
- Wi-Fi connection
- Bedsheets and covers

Healthy nutrition is central to our program, but we do not use extreme nutritional philosophy.
Our Burgundian Limburg nature and way of life will be at the forefront. If there are any food allergies or special diets, please let us know when you book. 
We will do our best to take this into account.

The sleeping quarters are randomly assigned upon arrival at the retreat.
We assume equality of everyone and an open attitude. Single rooms are not available.
There are some 2-person bedrooms which we intend to make available for couples if preferred.
Let us know if you prefer a 2-person bedroom at the sign up for the retreat.

- Travel expenses, travel insurance and transfer. We recommend everybody to take a travel insurance and cancellation insurance. 
During the community day we will go out for lunch or diner. These costs are for own account. More information will be provided after sign up. 

The old stone farmhouse dates back to + / - 1650 and originally served as a syrup distillery. Nowadays the farmhouse is used as a holiday accommodation after thorough renovation. 
The accommodation is situated on a hill with beautiful views over the meadows. It is located in Herve, in the triangle Maastricht-Liege-Aachen. The accommodation has a large capacity and an interesting layout of rooms and floors. It exudes nostalgia and atmosphere and has many surprising rooms and corners to discover. The property also has a large attractive workshop space, where we will withdraw for the workshops.


Group accommodation Charneux:
- Spacious cozy holiday farmhouse with terrace and garden
- Surrounded by beautiful hills
- Attractive rooms with two fireplaces
- Relaxation area and conservatory room with doors to terrace
- Spacious kitchen with all amenities
- 6-person sauna
- Rooms on the basis of 2, 4 and 5 persons

- Basic price: € 895, -
- With early bird discount: € 795, -; Payment and registration before 31st of March 2017.
- Payment in installments: € 300, - before March 31st / € 300, - before June 30th / € 295, - before September 30th 2017.

There is a limited number of possible entries.
We encourage participants to take their own travel and cancellation insurance!


Wadeleux 432
4654 Charneux

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